Front and Centre Presents the New Play Festival

Centre Stage Announces New Work’s Program: Front and Centre

Front and Centre:

A New Work Initiative

Who Are We? 

Centre Stage is a professional theatre in the heart of Downtown Greenville, SC. We have been in Greenville for 40 years and in our current location for 25 years. Our goal as an organization is to captivate, cultivate, and inspire. Our new work program is an important component of our mission as we cultivate playwrights who are striving to create new stories that will captivate and inspire audiences for years to come.

What Do We Do? 

Centre Stage produces professional theatre, providing opportunities for young professional artists to work along side seasoned professionals. New work has been a crucial component to what Centre Stage does. We allow Greenville audiences to engage with new work from the southern region, playwrights to hear their work allowed, and continue to develop new work in preparation for production—both at Centre Stage and in theatres around the country. 

What Is Centre Stage’s Commitment To New Work? 

Centre Stage has produced their Annual New Play Festival for 20 years. Doug McCoy believed in the importance of new work and the festival was a key way Doug displayed that commitment. Today, Centre Stage is still just as committed to developing new work as the day Doug started the festival. 

Can I Send Centre Stage My Play? 

Yes! Please send us your play! We want your play! However, due to the rigorous production schedule that Centre Stage there are certain ways to send us your play that will be more beneficial than others. Centre Stage will continue to hold our Annual New Play Festival, when submissions open, please submit your play through submittable. You can also send your play to our New Work Coordinator, David Veatch ( 

What is the New Play Festival? 

The New Play Festival is an opportunity for playwrights to submit their plays for production. We open submissions in the Spring and have a panel of judges read them over the summer. Then, Semi-Finalists are chosen and from that point, the Centre Stage staff reads the plays and determines a Final 3. This final 3 is determined by the quality of text, set needs, 

What Other Things Does Centre Stage Do With New Work? 

We are always looking for plays for our Fringe Series, as well as other development opportunities. We also will help a playwright develop a text by coordinating and providing feedback through a private workshop. Most recently, playwright Mario Suarez received a reading of his new musical La Zafra. This is an important step in the development process and Centre Stage is committed to helping playwrights hear their work aloud as they prepare for further revisions.



21st  Annual New Play Festival 

Centre Stage is excited to announce the 21st Annual New Play Festival as the inaugural event of Front & Centre!


Dates are Nov. 6-9, 2023

Centre Stage is committed to developing new work and is excited to carry on the tradition of the New Play Festival.  The festival will accept up to 100 plays from South Carolina Affiliated Playwrights for the 21st Annual New Play Festival. Of these submissions, 10 semi-finalists will be selected and 3 finalists will be given readings the week of the festival, one script will be chosen as the winner of the 21st Annual New Play Festival! The winner will receive a cash prize and the opportunity to be considered for production as part of our 2024-2025 Season. During the festival, each reading will be followed by a talkback led by Centre Stage Managing Artistic Director, Laura Nicholas.

Click on the Submittable link below to submit your plays!

Guidelines for submission:

Submissions are open to any South Carolina affiliated playwright or playwright’s representative

  • Multiple entries per playwright/playwright’s representative is permitted.
  • Playwrights must submit a cover letter along with their script that includes a brief summary of the play, a description of the playwright’s connection to South Carolina, and a suggestion of the unique perspective or experience provided by the playwright’s body of work.
  • NO entries may be previously published.
  • Likewise, NO entries may have previous fully realized, regionally produced performances through the dates of the Centre Stage New Play Festival 2022 (previous readings and workshops are acceptable).
  • Entries may have NO more than seven (7) performers required.
  • All entries must be no more than 120 pages, but one-act and full-length plays are welcome.
  • Scripts must be in the Traditional or Modern format for plays as defined by the Dramatists Guild.
  • While screenplays and 10 minute plays will NOT be accepted, musical and plays with music may be submitted.

Click HERE to submit your plays via our Submittable platform. 

If you have any questions please email our New Work Coordinator, David Veatch at

2023 Playwright in Residence: Brian James Polak   

Brian James Polak was raised in New Hampshire and currently resides in Madison, WI. His plays include WELCOME TO KEENE, NH, THE PATIENT (The Kennedy Center’s Jean Kennedy Smith Award), LAST TO DIE FOR A LOST CAUSE (The Kennedy Center’s John Cauble Award), HERE RESTS THE HEART, THE GRAVEDIGGERS UNION, and others. His work has been published by Smith & Kraus, Talon Review, Commonplace Books, NoPassport Press, Next Stage Press, and Canyon Voices. Currently writing: HOTEL HOLLYWOOD about the collision between capitalism and homelessness in downtown Los Angeles, and THE MEETING about what artists might do in a fascist society where the arts have been banned. Brian is the producer and host of American Theatre Magazine’s “The Subtext,” a podcast by/for/about playwrights and playwriting. He received his MFA in Dramatic Writing from the University of Southern California, School of Dramatic Arts. More can be found at

2022 Winner: Randall David Cook

Play: Four Seasons

Synopsis: Thirty years after their college fling imploded, Sienna and Owen find themselves unwittingly reunited at a concert of Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Music and memories reignite their feelings, resulting in a renewed affair that’s complicated by their shared history and the passage of time. Weaving in and around an actual performance of Vivaldi’s masterpiece, Four Seasons asks: Is love possible the second time around?

2022 Winner : Ashley Wettlin

Play: …. And Getting Caught in the Rain 

Synopsis:  When two people of different generations collide one fateful night at the Charlotte-Douglass International Airport, a twelve hour car ride ensues that will forever change their lives. Tilly, a 22 year old non-binary person getting over a breakup, and Barney, a 50 year old man trying to get to his daughter’s wedding, tell a story where they journey from tolerance to open-mindedness. In this story of heartbreak and healing, we see worlds colliding in a positive way- to tell a story with an unconventional happy ending.

“The Color Purple” was a joyful theatrical experience brought to life by an incredibly talented local cast! It made me laugh, cry, dance, sing and cheer what a triumph! Well done Centre Stage!”

- Rhonda Rawlings

"I just want to give a heartfelt thank you to this amazing staff!! I attended the final show of the Color Purple on 6/5/22. It was my first time attending a show at this venue so I was unaware of the seating & had a panic attack because of my anxiety. The staff was there to assist me & changed my seating for me & my Mother. I'm so grateful for them!! I got to sit in the front row & enjoy the AMAZING show! They were so helpful & I'm thankful for them!! May God please continue to bless this business & staff!!"

"I forgot how much I LOVED a small community theatre until last night when we went to see 9 to 5 at Centre Stage. I saw 9 to 5 on Broadway about 15 years ago and honestly enjoyed the show at Centre Stage more. The layout is phenomenal. There isn't a bad seat in the house. We will definitely be back!"

"Wonderful intimate experience of professional players . We love the venue. A great date night adventure; dinner and take in a show. Short walk from Main Street."

"The cast of The Color Purple production delivered an amazing performance! The experience was so emotionally moving and captivating that we saw the production a second time! Awesome job Centre Stage, cast, and staff!"

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