Audition for 2016-2017 Season

We are still casting for MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET.  You may provide us with your information on our electronic database by CLICKING HERE.  We highly encourage you to submit a video of a monologue, your vocals, and your best dance moves.

We understand not everyone has access to high end camera equipment and will freely accept video from phones, computer cameras etc… We are also willing to help, so feel free to contact us at While you are not required to submit a video audition, it is a great opportunity to share your skills with our production staff and give us a reference for call back consideration as we move forward with casting.

Have a video on YouTube or your website instead?  No problem!  There are a few areas for you to provide your URL(s).

Video Submission Details:

Prepare a Monologue for Audition:

Actors auditioning for plays and scripted musicals need to prepare monologues no longer than one minute each for their video audition. Prepare one to three pieces that best illustrate the characters and styles of the shows for which you are auditioning. It is acceptable to prepare monologues from the scripts of the shows

Prepare a Song for a Musical Audition:

Actors auditioning for musicals and musical reviews need to prepare 16 bar excerpts of songs in the style of the musicals and perform this excerpt in their video submission. It is acceptable to prepare songs from the scores of the shows.

Prepare a Dance Routine for a Musical Audition:

Actors auditioning for musicals and musical reviews will need to learn one of the two routines offered on the dance instruction video (link below). Actors will be asked to present this in their video audition audition. Please include one of these routines in your video. For the dance routine instruction video CLICK HERE.

Please contact with questions.
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