The Tin Woman

6 Roles Total, 2M, 4F

A freelance graphic artist. At the outset, Joy has received a life-saving heart transplant, but is conflicted about what to do now. Smart, sometimes acerbic, attractive, but rudderless with her new lease on life.
Gender: Female; Age: mid 20’s to late 30’s

He is nearing retirement as head of a small building supplies company. Husband to Alice and father to Sammy and the now-deceased heart donor, Jack. Hank is pushing forward, trying very hard not to wallow in or even barely acknowledge his grief and guilt. He can be snappish, abrupt and lately has been drinking more than he ought. He believes he’s handling things just fine.
Gender: Male ; Age: early 60’s

An accountant with aspirations of being a professional photographer. He dresses fashionably, hipster-ish, Jack is dead at the outset but nonetheless appears throughout the show. He’s not a ghost exactly, more of a memory that lingers.
Gender: Male; Age: 36

Mother to the deceased Jack and to Sammy. She’s a solid, loving, enduring presence. She knows her husband and is aware of what he’s going through. She accepts his scorn until she doesn’t anymore. A big heart that is dealing with its own pain while trying to hold the family together and do the right thing.
Gender: Female; Age: early 60’s

A preschool teacher and Jack’s younger sister. She’s somewhat “new-age-y”, but with an enormous heart. She really wants to help in any way she can. She writes a blog where she might over share her life, to Hank’s consternation. She can give in too easily to her emotions, but of everyone, she is the most in touch with them.
Gender: Female; Age: 20’s – 30’s

Nurse is very competent if a bit annoying in her approach. She’s by the book in all things but probably because she is so busy, can sometimes condescend. A functionary but a positive person with a small religious streak. Darla is somewhat flamboyant, artsy, very caring for Joy. A singular soul in habit and dress. She worries about and wants the best for her friend.
Gender: Female; Age: 30’s -60’s