Centre Stage-SC!  Welcomes Playwrights!horizontal
Accepting up to 200 scripts to the
15th Annual New Play Festival Competition

Entries may be submitted online starting
December 1, 2016 through January 15, 2017


Please read through all information and guidelines prior to submitting your script.

When submitting your play, you will go through a three-step process:

1.Enter your information by clicking the button.

2. Email your script to

3. Proceed to to pay your

“Once all three steps have been completed you should receive an email confirming the receipt of your submission.


  • Submissions are open to any playwright or playwright’s representative
  • Only one entry per playwright/playwright’s representative is permitted
  • Playwrights must fill out a New Play Festival Submission Form detailing their play, as well as pay a $15 processing fee to enter the competition. This processing fee goes directly towards funding the festival
  • NO entries may be previously published
  • Likewise, NO entries may have previous performances through the dates of Centre Stage ~ SC! New Play Festival Week 2017 (previous readings and workshops are acceptable)
  • Entries may have NO more than seven (7) characters
  • All entries must be a least 60 pages and no more than 120 pages
  • Scripts must be in the Traditional or Modern format for plays as defined by the Dramatists Guild
  • Musicals and screenplays will NOT be accepted


All entries that meet the submission criteria will be read by at least two (2) qualified script evaluators.  Comments and scores from the evaluators will determine the top twenty-five (25) scripts that will then be read, scored and discussed by a select group of evaluators who will determine the top ten (10) semi-finalists.  The final step will consist of the Centre Stage staff choosing the three (3) finalists who will attend the 15th Annual New Play Festival Week.

If requested, entries received will be provided the evaluators constructive comments to help the playwright in their revisions and future projects following the festival.

New Play Festival Week: 

Playwrights whose scripts are chosen as the three (3) finalists MUST ATTEND THE FULL WEEK of Centre Stage New Play Festival activitichicks-2es and presentations, September 24th through 28th, 2017.   Centre Stage will assist the playwright finalists with travel expenses and will provide accommodations during their stay.

Professional directors are recruited to direct each reading.  Open auditions are held for casting actors.  After the reading is cast, three formal rehearsals are required prior to the staged reading.  The readings are staged with minimal technical support.  No costumes, props, lighting specials, or sound effects will be utilized.  Actors are positioned at script stands to deliver the reading of the script.

The Festival will consist of a stage performance of Centre Stage’s first Fringe show of the season on the opening evening of the festival, followed by three evenings of the finalist readings, one per night.  The closing of the festival will not only include the announcement of the 15th Annual New Play Festival winner, but also a stage reading of one of the Playwright in Residence’s scripts.

Professional Feedback:

After the staged reading of each of the finalists during the New Play Festival week, the playwright will receive an individual meeting with the Playwright in Residence who will provide direct feedback.

The Festival is open to the public free of charge, and the audience is encouraged to provide their feedback through evaluation forms and talk-back sessions following each evening’s reading.

Determining the Winner:

Comments and scores from the Playwright in Residence, the Executive/Artistic Director of Centre Stage and its staff, and audience evaluations will be considered in determining the winner, who will receive a $500.00 prize to encourage further development of their play and craft.  The script will also receive consideration for full production by Centre Stage ~ SC!, as the first Fringe show of the following season.


Centre Stage New Play Festival
is generously sponsored
by the
Metropolitan Arts Council


Participant’s Experiences:

“Centre Stage’s New Play Festival is a wonderful platform for aspiring playwrights and an exciting experience for the local Greenville audience to view new work taking shape and the process a play and playwright to through to get their work from page to the stage.   It’s also an extremely positive, learning experience for all involved.  Centre Stage handles every aspect of the festival with grace, knowledge and respect for every individual who participates.  Kudos to Glenda and her entire staff at Centre Stage for making the New Play Festival fun, fresh and enlightening year after year!”
Richard Atkins – 2016 playwright in residence for Centre Stage’s New Play Festival, actor, musician, director and composer.

“I’ve been to a number of places and done this several times in one way, shape or form and nowhere was the experience more enjoyable or more stimulating than Greenville.  All three plays were excellent in their own way and all three playwrights extremely talented and special.  You have a wonderful thing going on down there in South Carolina and you are a model for other theaters.  Congrats to everyone involved.”
~ Tony Sportiello (NYC); Playwright in Resident 2015

“I am still reeling from my wonderful experience at Centre Stage. You were each so generous with your talent, your time, and your support for us playwrights that I fear you’ve set the standard very high. We may never be that spoiled again — banish the thought!!”
~ Cynthia Kay “Andy” Landis (TN); 13th Annual Winner

“The Centre Stage Greenville New Play Festival was an incredibility helpful and rewarding experience. Not only did I get to hear my play read aloud by a group of rehearsed actors, but I received great feedback and critiques from readers, actors and the audience. The feedback helped me make decisions regarding cuts and revisions to my play and get it ready to send to a publisher. I also appreciated the warmth and generosity of the entire staff during my stay at the festival. This was definitely an A+ experience.” 
~ Leslie Kimball (GA); 14th Annual Winner

“The New Play Festival at Centre Stage is the kind of experience playwrights dream of.  It’s the perfect combination of festival and workshop: the thrill of a live reading, paired with the incredible support of Centre Stage’s staff in facilitating the development process – it’s the best of both worlds.  The actors were meticulously cast; the audiences were enthusiastic, engaged, and incredibly insightful; and the festival was celebrated with tremendous fanfare.  The Greenville community welcomed the playwrights with open arms, and the folks at Centre Stage went out of their way to introduce us to the vibrant cultural life of the Upcountry region. I made friends for life during my week in Greenville – I’m so pleased to have a reason to visit South Carolina again.”
~ Jenny Marlowe (CA); 14th

“During my week as a New Play Festival finalist, I saw the wonderful balance Centre Stage offers to artists.  Not only did my play benefit from the theatre’s focused, committed approach and diligent attention, but I also felt welcomed and enriched by the warmth of the Centre Stage community.  I left the week with both new colleagues and new friends.”
~ Stephen Cedars (NY); 14th