Meet Melissa Murphy from “Rockin’ The Keys”


Tell us a little bit about your past theatre experience.  Ever performed at Centre Stage? I went to school for Music Theatre Performance and have always loved singing and acting.  My

first show at Centre Stage was Sisters of Swing, where I got the opportunity to play Maxene Andrews.  That was such a great experience!  I have also had the pleasure of playing multiple characters in last year’s Christmas Show, Let Nothing You Dismay.  I had heard about this amazing cabaret style show that Centre Stage does every year and I am so excited for the opportunity to be part of it this year’s ROCKIN THE KEYS!



Tell us what it’s like to be singing such iconic songs. How are you tackling songs from such powerhouse artists?

It’s tricky!  On one hand, you have to make sure you can sing it similarly to the original performer – but on the other, you are playing YOU!  So, you need to find a happy balance of making it your own while also doing the song justice.  I feel like expectations are higher in this case.  But I am enjoying memorizing the songs as well as playing a few on the piano.  It has been a very fun challenge!


Tell us about your favorite moment or song (you choose) in the show!

I would have to say that I REALLY love the closing song of Act One – Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.  Not only is there a TON going on musically, but it is the most fun to dance to and sing!  The cast of this show is AMAZING and multi-talented — I am so excited to have the opportunity to perform with such a fabulous group.   The audience is going to be in for quite a treat!


What artists do you draw inspiration from when you’re preparing for a show like this?

For this show, it’s been nice to have resources such as YouTube to see how the original artists sing their songs – live and in concert.  I have pulled a lot from clips and have worked to make it my own while still trying to do the original artist justice.


What/Who would you list as the top band/artist of all time?

I’m a big fan of Journey and Queen.  Enough said.


Anything else you’d like our audiences to know about you?

My second love, aside from performing, is food.  Being Italian, I LOVE to cook and make delicious food for my family.  It’s a creative outlet as well as very relaxing for me!    


Don’t miss Melissa in Rockin’ The Keys running January 18th through February 10th

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