Meet Michael Ciaccia from “Rockin’ The Keys”


Tell us a little bit about your past theatre experience.  Ever performed at Centre Stage?

I’ve been involved in Musical theatre since middle school in Rochester, NY and have always had a passion and interest in performing, ever since being a child. This is my second show at CS, my first being Spamalot shortly after I moved to Greenville in 2014.


Tell us what it’s like to be singing such iconic songs. How are you tackling songs from such powerhouse artists?

It’s a real honor to be singing these songs, especially when they’re by artists that I listen to constantly. Sometimes it can be nerve wrecking to be singing a song by a very famous singer who has really made it their own but doing it in my own way and with my own spin, helps make it unique for the audience!


Tell us about your favorite moment or song (you choose) in the show!

Well, that’s a hard one, since there are so many! I really love doing “I’m Still Standing” just because it’s got a lot of horns and brass in that number and is just an all around good time….it’s a number to let loose and have fun.


What artists do you draw inspiration from when you’re preparing for a show like this?

For a show like this, I draw inspiration from the artists themselves and try to tell the story they have set out to tell. In addition, Clay Aiken is one of my idols and do draw a good amount of inspiration from him and his showman-like personality.


What/Who would you list as the top band/artist of all time?

Top artists of all time in my opinion, I would have to say Celine Dion and Elton John. They both deliver flawless performances when I’ve seen them live and seem like true, genuine people. They have a way of always connecting to their music and telling their story.


Anything else you’d like our audiences to know about you?

I’d like you to know that I’m honored to be taking the stage with these 7 other performers and the band. It’s a joy to share the stage with such talented folks and look forward to sharing my talent with Greenville, my new hometown! @mciaccia22



Don’t miss Michael in Rockin’ The Keys running January 18th through February 10th

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