Meet Javy Pagan from “Rockin’ The Keys”


Tell us a little bit about your past theatre experience.  Ever performed at Centre Stage?

I’ve been performing and singing since the age of 7, and have been lucky to have stage opportunities in Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach and in the Upstate’s thriving theatre scene.  My first experience with Centre Stage was 4 years ago as a vocalist in “Rock N’ Roll Gold”.  Most recently I played “Lionel Ferguson” in “Ghost: The Musical” earlier this season and was seen in Centre Stage’s “Christmas Cabaret”.  I also spend my days at Centre Stage as the Marketing/Development Manager, among an incredibly talented staff!


Tell us what it’s like to be singing such iconic songs. How are you tackling songs from such powerhouse artists?

I feel like a kid at Christmas!  There are 2 songs specifically that I have always wanted to sing in some type of production, and I am honored to be bringing them to this years “Rockin’ The Keys”!  When tackling such iconic music, I think you’ve got to pay respect to the artist that made these songs famous, however, the real fun is allowing that artists’ story and work to be filtered through your unique vocal style and point of view.  


Tell us about your favorite moment or song (you choose) in the show!

That’s hard to say, there are so many great songs and our cast delivers them all so well!  When you’re covering everyone from  Billy Joel to Prince, Queen and Carole King, it’s impossible to choose just one song!


What artists do you draw inspiration from when you’re preparing for a show like this?

Showmanship and vocal control are two things that I also aspire to produce!  With these songs that have stood the test of time I think you have to draw inspiration from the influential artists that originally produced these hits!  Elvis Presley, Ray Charles,  Bonnie Raitt, George Michael, Kelly Clarkson, Scott Hoying and Stevie Wonder are a few of the artists I’ve looked to for inspiration throughout this process.


What/Who would you list as the top band/artist of all time?

It’s hard to pick one, but again I’ll go back to artists that changed the musical landscape of their time.  You’ve got to mention Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The Eagles and two of my personal favorites Amy Winehouse and Pentatonix.


Anything else you’d like our audiences to know about you?

I am a proud new uncle to my sweet niece, Paxtyn, and the proud owner of my rescue pup, Harper 🙂 


Don’t miss Javy in Rockin’ The Keys running January 18th through February 10th

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