Meet Johnny Culwell from “Million Dollar Quartet”

Tell us a little bit about your past experience. Ever performed at Centre Stage?

 This is my first show with Centre Stage! I’m fairly new to Greenville Theatre.


Tell us what it’s like to be playing such an iconic character! Were you intimidated by it? Tell us what you did to prepare to play this character?

I had never heard of Carl Perkins before this show! So I did a lot of research and listened to every one of his songs (and had a great time doing it!). I try to portray him as authentically as possible– he deserves to have his story told.


Tell us about your favorite moment in the show!

I’m loving the song brown-eyed handsome man. It has these rocking instrumental sections that we introduce by shouting “hey!” It’s a lot of fun and I can’t help but smile while we do it.


What do you do to get ready before a show? Any funny/weird superstitions?

 I am going to take a slow walk from the dressing room and time it out so I hit the stage right at my first entrance. It’ll be a good way to get into character and get my energy up. Almost like a football player hitting the field from the locker room.


If you could sit down to have lunch with any of the guys from MDQ, who would it be and why?

 Elvis, it seems like he was a nice dude and I feel like we would get along.


Anything else you’d like us to know?

If there is a show to see multiple times, it’s this one! We ad-lib and improvise all throughout so each performance ends up being different.


Don’t miss Johnny in Million Dollar Quartet running July 20 – August 12

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