Meet JJ Pearson from “Ghost: The Musical”

Tell us a little bit about your past theatre experience. Ever performed at Centre Stage?

I graduated from North Greenville in 2016 with my degree in Performance Theatre, and have worked around the upstate a bit since. I had the pleasure of debuting at Centrestage last season in, Is He Dead?, and have loved all of my time here since.

Tell us about your character in the show.  What was your process in getting prepared for the role

Most of my work in this show is in the ensemble, which is always a blast. It has been awhile since I’ve gotten to sing and dance on a stage, so it’s a pleasure to do so again.

“Ghost: The Musical” is based off the hit 1990 movie with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg.  What’s it like recreating such a loved story and characters?

What fascinates me the most about this show is the brand new things that audiences will find in Centre Stage’s take on this classic. The production team has some surprises in store for sure!

This show takes place in the 90’s, which seem to be making a huge comeback lately.  What is your favorite 90’s fashion trend that is coming back today? 

Neon. All the neon.

Centre Stage is producing the Regional Premier for “Ghost:  The Musical”.  What is it like working on and bringing a brand new show to the Upstate community? 

This show is a new experience in so many ways. It’s new to the area, new ideas being put forth by Centrestage, and new challenges for the actors. That pressure has made something beautiful.

Anything else you’d like our audiences to know about you?

Just that I’m hoping they can sit back and “Suspend Their Disbelief” in their seats!


Don’t miss JJ  in Ghost: The Musical running October 26th – November 12th

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