Meet Jessie Davis from “Happy Christmas Shirley”

Tell us a little bit about your past theatre experience. Ever performed at Centre Stage?

This is my first MainStage show at Centre Stage.  I performed in Baby Shower Bombshell for the New Play Festival.  I’ve gotten to work with many theaters and theatre groups in the upstate.  I studied Theatre Performance at Anderson University’s South Carolina School of the Arts.


Tell us about your character in the show.  What was your process in getting prepared for the role?

I play “Donna” the pregnant sister.  Before my fake baby bump arrived I practiced with a big scarf under my shirt.  I watched some videos online to learn about the Northern English dialect.  It’s a distinct accent, just like regional accents in America are specific.  What we end up with at least has Northern English influence, with some adjustments so the audience can understand us.


“Happy Christmas Shirley” is all about family.  What is your favorite family Holiday tradition?

I’m a big fan of eating Christmas cookies and watching Christmas movies with my family.


Centre Stage is producing the U.S. Premiere of “Happy Christmas Shirley”!  What is it like bringing a brand new play to the United States?

It’s been a lot of fun!  This English family at Christmas time is so much like an American family at Christmas time, so audiences will definitely relate.


In the play, Shirley just wants her family to experience the best Christmas possible.  In your opinion, what makes the perfect Christmas holiday?

Christmas is good when we focus on family, love, compassion, and hope.   I think the lyrics of “O Holy Night” are some of the most beautiful and moving Christmas song lyrics.


Anything else you’d like our audiences to know about you?

So, good news– I saw a dog today.


Don’t miss Jessie in Happy Christmas Shirley running December 5th through December 17th

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