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1 Roles Total, 1M

    Energenic vibe / Gender: Male; Age: late 20’s – early 30’s


  • ELIJAH – Teenage boy. Gender: Male; Age: Teen
  • ACE – Elijah’s younger brother. /Gender: Male ; Age: 2 – 6
  • MOM – Elijah’s Mom. /Gender: Female; Age: late 40’s
  • DAD – Elijah’s Dad.  /Gender: Male; Age: late  40’s
  • JESSICA – A hot teenage Puerto Rican with a rock n roll soul. /Gender: Female; Age: Teen
  • CAL – Teenage “cool kid” in his high school.  /Gender: Male; Age: Teen
  • MARCY – Chain=smoking “lifer” waitress with a hidden big heart. /Gender: Female; Age: 70’s
  • MS. DOOBAGE – Hippie, eccentric teacher. /Gender: Female; Age: 30’s
  • MR GROSSMAN – Overweight, malcontent English teacher /Gender: Male; Age:40’s
  • NURSE – Jamaican professional
  • MR. CLIFFORD – Burly man /Gender: Male; Age: 40’s
  • BURT – British Broadway career understudy turned musical theatre teacher /Gender: Male; Age: 50’s