Breaking Up is Hard to Do

6 Roles Total, 3M, 3F

MARGE GELMAN – Abandoned at the altar, Marge is an aspiring dentist from Brooklyn who finds herself in the Catskills on what would have been her honeymoon weekend. (Think Jennifer Grey in DIRTY DANCING) Duped into falling for the suave band leader, she ultimately finds self-esteem, learns the value of honesty and friendship and finds love where she least expected it.
Gender: Female; Age: mid to late 20’s
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, comfortable to an E and possibly beyond

LOIS WARNER – An aspiring nightclub singer, Lois lives her life as if in a Betty Grable movie. She brings her best friend Marge up from Brooklyn to the Catskills for Labor Day Weekend. In trying to help her friend Marge recover from heartbreak, she inadvertently puts her in the line of fire with Del, the hotel’s suave but manipulative bandleader. With a Marilyn Monroe simplicity, Lois is a sweet young girl with more heart than brainpower.
Gender: Female; Age: mid to late 20’s;
Vocal Range: Alto with some mezzo soprano ability, comfortable to a C and possibly beyond

DEL DELMONACO – An Elvis wannabe, Del is not the brightest bulb on the tree. (Think Conrad Birdie or Joey from FRIENDS). Del will do anything to get ahead, including misleading Marge into thinking he loves her and stealing his cousin Gabe’s songs for his own use.
Gender: Male; Age: late 20’s to 30’s
Vocal Range: Tenor, comfortable to an A, the higher the better

GABE – The clumsy, brainy and terribly shy Guy Friday at the hotel, Gabe is on a fast track to joining his father’s orthodontia practice. Lacking the self-confidence to perform his own music, Gabe he is secretly the songwriting genius behind the music Del claims as his own. When Gabe meets Marge, he is compelled to take action to win her heart and, ultimately, to reveal himself as the true musician, performing his own songs in front of the whole resort.
Gender: Male; Age: mid to late 20’s
Vocal Range: Tenor, Bb-C

ESTHER – The owner of the mid-size hotel named after her (Esther’s Paradise), Esther is a survivor. Since the death of her husband, she has single-handedly kept the hotel afloat using crafty solutions, boundless energy and creativity to keep guests happy. She is fiercely independent, refusing help or support from anyone, and she’s always there with a quip or smart remark.
Gender: Female; Age: (50-60)
Vocal Range: Alto, comfortable to a C, or at least a Bb, but should really be rich in her low to mid register.

HARVEY – The resident “tummler” (comedian/social director) at Esther’s Paradise, Harvey is old-school Catskills. He is all about the punch line (and the set-up). A confirmed bachelor, Harvey spends most of his life cracking wise and avoiding any show if genuine emotion or vulnerability. When he witnesses the extreme lengths to which Marge will go to make love work for her again, he is inspired to take a leap of faith with Esther, the one person who truly appreciates the man behind the jokes.  Ability to juggle is a plus.
Gender: Male; Age: 50’s to 60’s
Vocal Range: Baritone, should have range to an F# or a G

THE BAND – (Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums)
The band is visible onstage as the “House Band” at Ester’s Paradise Resort, and also sings backup (poorly at times) as needed.