4 Tips for Video Auditions

With Centre Stage’s season auditions holding initial video auditions, many of you may be asking the question, how do video auditions differ from live auditions? There are a few things to remember when making your taped-self as enrapturing as your in-person self:


  1.     Technical Expectations For a Video Audition Submission


Each theatre is different, so remember to carefully check the requirements. By clicking here, the specific stipulations for Centre Stage’s video audition process are outlined. Keep in mind that we understand many of you don’t have access to professional camera equipment, and encourage you phone or computer camera video shot by a friend, or whatever works easiest to best capture your audition.


  1.      Lighting and Staging Your Video Audition Submission


You don’t need to get fancy. Basic lights around the house can achieve acceptable lighting to imitate that of the stage, and when choosing a background, be creative! A royal purple sheet or a light blue yoga mat in a royal purple can liven up your  audition video.


  1.     Remember to Use Your Body


Even though the camera might be focused on your upper body, whole body movement is crucial to keeping your character alive and engaging, as well as letting producers and directors see your stage movement. When shooting your monologue or dance routine make sure your videographer captures your full figure.


  1.    Use the Camera to Your Advantage


Unlike a live audition, a video submission gives you the ability to have multiple takes and chances. Use this to your advantage to study and craft the nuances of your speech and body language. While some actors prefer to be shoot once and be done, it never hurts to study your work and make adjustments! That’s the best thing about video auditions: they allow for you to turn off the camera, rest, and reshoot a scene over and over to truly capture your best work.
For additional questions don’t hesitate to send us an email at auditions@centrestage.org. And to all those auditioning break a leg!