Meet Morgan Voke-Thomason from “Sister Act!”

Tell us a little bit about your past theatre experience. Ever performed at Centre Stage?

This will be my first time performing at Centre Stage! I graduated from Furman University as a classically trained soprano with a B.M. in Vocal Performance. In college, I did a lot of performing in the classical realm – oratorios, recitals, opera scenes, operas, choir concerts, and I studied abroad for opera. It wasn’t until my final year at Furman that I discovered and really fell in love with musical theater!

In 2014, my husband (then fiancé) and I moved to Chicago to pursue our dreams of comedy, and I studied improv theater and sketch at The Second City. A few of my very talented friends from Second City started their own troupe, The Storefront Theatre, which I joined in 2016. (If you’re ever in Chicago, you should definitely check them out!) It’s been a while I’ve been on the stage in the musical theater capacity, but I am absolutely thrilled to be back! I’ve missed it!

Tell us what it’s like to be re-creating characters from a pretty iconic movie!

It’s a little bit scary, I’ll admit! Sister Mary Robert is such a well-known character.   And she’s so unlike any role I’ve had to play before! For the first time, I must be mousey and meek. But nevertheless, she is an absolute blast to play, especially once she breaks out of her shell! I feel super lucky because Mary Robert gets to utilize her entire range, and she sings in a variety of styles, so I get incorporate a little bit of my classical background with this musical theatre show which is just awesome!

Tell us about your favorite moment in the show!

Oh man. It’s difficult to choose just one!  I don’t want to spoil too much for those of you who have not seen the musical, but there is this amazing moment towards the end of the show where Deloris is in trouble, and one by one each nun steps forward to protect her. Let me just say, it brings me to tears. It’s all so incredibly overwhelming. We get to see how much growth these characters have gone through and how much these sisters have come to really love one another. It’s so powerful! I can’t wait for you all to see it!

What’s your way of getting prepared for a role? Any funny/weird superstitions?

Nothing too wacky! I start by researching the character and the show so I can learn everything there is to know. Then I practice. A lot! Run lines, sing songs, get it all in my brain so I don’t have to worry about memorization, and can start developing layers. Every day I come up with some new discovery and it’s so exciting. I love the process! Oh, and the costume! I like knowing what my costume is as soon as possible – that really helps me prepare for a role.

Anything else you’d like our audiences to know about you?

I’m so honored and thrilled to be able to play Mary Robert, and I hope you all enjoy this amazing show! I would also really like to thank the production team, the outstanding crew, and the insanely talented cast for being such a supportive and encouraging group of individuals! I am so fortunate to be working with all of you on this show! CHEERS TO US!

Don’t miss Morgan in Sister Act running March 16 – April 8

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