Meet the “Jekyll and Hyde” Cast! JJ Pearson plays multiple Ensemble roles

Meet the “Jekyll and Hyde” Cast! JJ Pearson has come back to appear in another Centre Stage show, and plays multiple Ensemble roles in our new musical!  JJ takes time to talk to us about his passion for the theatre and his distinct characters in his blog post! Read on below…

How does it feel returning to Centre Stage? Could you tell us about your past roles with CS? 

It feels fantastic! It’s a great space with better people. My only other show here has been Is He Dead, where I bounced around as four roles. I’m looking toward to the chance to delve into singing and dancing on this stage.

Please tell us a bit about your character(s) and connecting to the role. 

I am a member of the Ensemble, primarily playing a recurring bum. While Ensemble members don’t have much character work written into the script, that gives actors and directors a blank canvas they can use to create something unique. I can’t wait to grow my character as rehearsals progress.

What are some of your favorite parts so far working with this script and cast? 

This script is beautiful. I love that it takes the audience on a visceral journey through good and evil, and this is a cast that won’t pull any punches on the audience. Brace yourselves!

In the spirit of good vs. evil, who is your favorite villain?

That’s a tough one. There are many figures I greatly admire. However, the notable standout is the “Joker”, specifically the Jack Nicholson or Mark Hamill adaptations. If you haven’t read The Killing Joke, I cannot recommend it more highly. “Joker” is a character whose depravity knows no bounds, but is still on some level human. That aspect of him that wants to be bad is something to which we can all relate on some level, and that is his true terror.

Is there anything else you would like audiences to know about you?

Just that I have a passion for the theatre. I love working in all facets of it, and doing it professionally is a wonderful feeling. When I’m not onstage doing traditional theatre, I’m probably out in my “real job” of performing magic. Theatre is the way of life that I’ve been given, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical is on stage October 20-November 12 and can be purchased by clicking the Tickets Tab at the top of the page!