Meet the “Jekyll & Hyde” Cast! Ian Dorman plays Ensemble roles

Meet the “Jekyll and Hyde” Cast! Ian Dorman has most recently been seen in The Addams Family and plays roles in the Ensemble in our new musical!  Ian talks with us about the importance of Ensemble roles and what he loves most about this show. Read on below…

How does it feel returning to Centre Stage? Could you tell us about your past roles with CS?

It feels great to be back at Centre Stage.  I love working with this theatre. It’s a great atmosphere, and we always pull the most accepting and outgoing audiences.

Please tell us a bit about your character(s) and connecting to the role…

I play a couple of different roles in the ensemble.  People don’t always pay as much attention to us, but I love being apart of it, just because we are like music in movies. Without a great team in your ensemble, the production just wouldn’t be the same.

What are some of your favorite parts so far working with this script and cast?

My favorite parts of working with this cast is that everybody is genuinely kind, caring, and fun. One of the best parts of this production is the terrific music…it’s powerful and addicting!

In the spirit of good vs. evil, who is your favorite villain?

My favorite villain would have to be Hans Gruber from the original Die Hard. Reason number one is he is played by Alan Rickman, who is a fa-nominal actor! The second reason is because if you pay attention to the plot (or listen to the Director’s Commentary), you will realize that though he is the bad guy, Hans Gruber is actually the protagonist in the story.

Is there anything else you would like audiences to know about you?

Editor’s Note: Ian is also the son of Centre Stage Production Manager, DeaKay Dorman, so you will see him often working with the staff in the office and helping out at events! Ian also works on the Production side of the coin, and did Props for this show!

Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical is on stage October 20-November 12 and can be purchased by clicking the Tickets Tab at the top of the page!