Meet the “Jekyll and Hyde” Cast! Dave LaPage plays Simon Stride

Meet the “Jekyll and Hyde” Cast! Dave LaPage has appeared in many Centre Stage shows, and plays “Simon Stride” in our new musical!  Dave takes time to talk to us about his history with Centre Stage as well as his devilish character in his blog post! Read on below…

How does it feel returning to Centre Stage? Could you tell us about your past roles with CS? 

I always love performing at Centre Stage! My relationship with Centre Stage started almost 10 years ago, with the December 2006 production of Greetings!, in which I played “Andy Gorski”. In more recent years, I was involved in the productions of A Few Good Men (Jack Ross), Spamalot (Ensemble/Tim the Enchanter), and A Time to Kill (Billy Ray Cobb/D.R. Musgrove). My last two roles here have been some of my favorite that I have ever done, though: “Ross Gardiner” in Visiting Mr. Green and “Jean-Francois Millet” (and the “Widow Daisy Tillou”) in Is He Dead?

Please tell us a bit about your character(s) and connecting to the role. 

I enjoy playing a wide variety of roles, but I particularly like playing villains…mostly because it gives me a chance to be evil, but to keep it in the confines of the stage. In this production, you can think of Simon Stride as being the same kind of evil as Hyde, but without having to take the formula to become that way. Stride’s evil is naturally part of who he is.

What are some of your favorite parts so far working with this script and cast? 

Being more of an actor than a singer, musicals always present an exciting challenge for me. The script is very involved and complex, so the trick is getting everything to flow seamlessly from one scene to the next. Fortunately, we have a great cast and production team to make that happen, and this has been a wonderful group of people to work with!

In the spirit of good vs. evil, who is your favorite villain?

This is a difficult question to answer, especially since I tend to prefer villains to heroes. Honorable mentions would go to the “Joker” from Batman and the “Master” from Doctor Who. Right now, though, my favorite villain is probably “Kilgrave” from Jessica Jones. David Tennant’s portrayal of the character in the Netflix series is absolutely chilling in its psychological abuse.

Is there anything else you would like audiences to know about you?

Well, based on my list of favorite villains, you can probably tell that I’m a bit of a geek. Recently, I’ve realized I’ve been in SC for half my life now…18 years. I love theatre and am constantly working at it somehow. And I have the two cutest kids ever!

Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical is on stage October 20-November 12 and can be purchased by clicking the Tickets Tab at the top of the page!