Meet the “Jekyll and Hyde” Cast! Claire Duffle plays Flossie

Meet the “Jekyll and Hyde” Cast! Claire Duffle has appeared in many Centre Stage shows, and plays “Flossie” in our new musical! Claire takes time to share with us how she prepares for roles as well as her joyous experience with the cast in her blog post! Read on below…

How does it feel returning to Centre Stage? Could you tell us about your past roles with CS? 

Centre Stage is one of my absolute favorite places to be, so it’s thrilling to be back! I’ve done Spamalot and Addams Family, and hope to continue doing more shows here. It’s a very supportive, professional, and yet friendly atmosphere. I always feel right at home.

Please tell us a bit about your character(s) and connecting to the role. 

I always love the challenge of being in the ensemble and playing multiple characters in a show. In this one I’m “Flossie”, a prostitute, as well as an upper class gossip, and I think a few other things! Whether I’m doing a lead or ensemble role, I always research the time period and location to get into the “world”. I take notes on what the script says about my character, and think about how my character thinks and feels and sees the world around them. I think about their deepest needs and desires. The rehearsal process opens the character work up, because when you’re getting notes from your director and reacting to your scene partner, you get to hear their ideas and it affects what your character has to do. It’s a fun challenge! Above all, I love when the audience sees a real human going through stuff, relates to their struggles, and can work through maybe some of their own stuff through the character.

What are some of your favorite parts so far working with this script and cast? 

The script is so good because it’s based on the book, and because it deals with the  fundamental human struggle of good and evil, which always draws us in. The cast is incredible! We’ve had almost too much fun sometimes laughing with each other as we try to get the choreography and music down. Everyone is so encouraging and professional, and Glenda, Holly, and Paige are just fabulous. It’s fun trying character choices with this cast because everyone is willing to play and go for it. I can’t wait for the audiences to see that great energy coming through on stage!

In the spirit of good vs. evil, who is your favorite villain?

This is a hard question! Usually I play protagonist roles, so my head’s always there. But I’d have to say “Maleficent”. I mean, she’s been left out, who wouldn’t be feeling a little rejected? She’s always impeccably dressed and lives in a castle. Plus she can turn into a dragon. Who wouldn’t want that ability?!?

Is there anything else you would like audiences to know about you?

I absolutely love when an audience member shares something they learned, or something cool they noticed in a show. So stick around, say hello afterwards! If you want to learn more about what I do, visit me at

Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical is on stage October 20-November 12 and can be purchased by clicking the Tickets Tab at the top of the page!