Cabaret Nights Presents: ONE VOICE by Jeremiah Dew

Centre Stage's Cabaret Nghts proudly presents

Showtime: 8pm
Tickets: $10

One Voice: A Black History Narrative is a journey through the black American experience, through 7 voices. Jeremiah Dew portrays six of the characters, all real figures in this country’s history. The span of the show is from the late 1820s through 2008. The show is divided into seven chapters, and covers various genres. Captivating and emotionally charged video is used to tie the chapters and voices together, and one chapter is an interview with a 95-year old South Carolinian, who talks of some of his remembrances from days gone by. Throughout the narrative, audiences will see a timeline of struggle and heartache, to breakthrough and achievement of the black American male voice, and will leave them with a powerful performance from obscure histories to familiar rhetoric.

“I hope what the audience gets is a sense of the accomplishments of the black American and the history of our country, really,” Dew says. “The hopes people have in common have nothing to do with your skin color or your race. We all want to live in a free society. We all want to live in a place where we’re judged by the content of our character.” - Jeremiah Dew, Metromix 2011

Jeremiah Dew (aka JDew) does an incredible one man show in One Voice. He educates, inspires and challenges his audiences on the history of African Americans in this country.
— Herb Johnson
Director, Community Relations
Michelin North America

‘One Voice’ is a unique and poignant production that moves the audience from melancholy to laughter on a journey tracing prominent African Americans throughout history. Jeremiah Dew’s performance is compelling and memorable in this truly unique one-man play. Our employees found that this performance to be one of our greatest Black History Month events ever!
— Kinneil Coltman
Director, Diversity and Language Services
Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center




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