Marty Epp-Carter - Art Opening Reception

Happy Labor Day!

New Play Festival Auditions

Hairspray Auditions

Fall for Greenville

Greenville Tech

Greenville Symphony's A Carnival of Beauty

Greenville Symphony's Dance & Devotion

Greenville Symphony's The Art of the Soloist

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rumor's Auditions

Whose Wives are they Anyway? Auditions

Kent Ambler - Art Opening Reception

GLOW's Champagne Music! A New Year's Eve Gala

Angeleia Carrier-Schmerbeck - Art Opening Reception

Happy New Year!

Cham Little - Art Opening Reception

Happy Easter!

Artists of the Upstate Reception

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Tommy Wyche - Artist Opening Reception

Beehive Auditions

Cabaret Nights - MaCabaret

Reel Acting with Ellen Jones


Cabaret Nights Presents: ONE VOICE by Jeremiah Dew

Cabaret Nights Presents: ONE VOICE by Jeremiah Dew



Chautauqua Golda Meir at Centre Stage

Generations Group Home

TALK's Ladies Night Out

Elephant In My Closet

New Play Festival

Rock 'n Roll Forever Audition

Forum Auditions

2013 Spring Gala

Erika Grace Powell

New Play Festival

Freud's Last Session

Love, Loss and What I Wore

GLOW - The Pirates of Penzance

GLOW - Jesus Christ Superstar

Free Chautauqua Show - Susan B. Anthony

GHS - "Let's Talk about Mental Illness"

GHS - Lunch and Learn "Let's Talk About Mental Illness"

A Few Good Men Auditions

NPF Audition

Freud's Audition

Christmas Carol & Irena's Vow Audition

Military Order of the Purple Heart Fundraiser

Artist Reception for Brian S. Kelley

Artist Reception for Marquin Campbell

Artist Reception for Paul and Greg Flint

Artist reception for Tami Cardnella

Artist reception for Jim Gorman

Artist reception for David Young

"What's In Your Wallet/Pay What You Can" night

Centre Stage Gala

Rock 'n Roll Gold

Trude Heller

James Gregory - The Funniest Man in America

Harry Truman, a Chautauqua History A live FREE Show


2014 New Play Festival

Young Negress Stepping Out of the River at Dawn

Sleeping Indoors

Create @ Centre Stage

Girls Gone Mod

Edith McBee Hardaway Artist Reception

Love, Loss and What I Wore

Suzanne Bodson Artist Reception

Marie Gruber Artist Reception

Jacki Newell Artist Reception

Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers

Dabney Mahanes Artist Reception

Julia Peters Artist Reception

Nightmare on Crescent

James Gregory

2015 Gala

Pizza with Paul (Sleeping Indoors)

Pizza with Paul

The Night We Bombed Lincoln Towing

GSO Spotlight Series

The Night We Bombed Lincoln Towing

Marcus King Band

The Dozen Divas Show

Just Tell Me My Name

Visiting Mr. Green

James Gregory

Melinda Hoffman Artist Reception

Betsy Powell / Melanie Pouch Art Reception

Christmas Storybook Time

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